My oh my what a Beauty!Sometimes less really is more! This knife to many may not look like much but the weight, perfect balance and sublime sharpness makes this Hinoura Santoku one of my top 5 Knives!
White steel No 1 is made by further processing of white steel No.2 by adding extra Carbon! With extra carbon added give it a higher Hrc ( Rockwell hardness ) There for the edge has great edge retention and extreme sharpness!! Kurouchi is the blackened part of the blade along the top/spine.. This is added purely to stop those sticky veggies or meats sticking to the blade..
The handle is made from charred Chestnut  This gives great grip and feel to the handle.
Blade 153 mm
Total length 308mm
Blade thickness  at thickest 5mm / where Spine meets Ferulle
Spine at tip 2mm
Blade width 50mm
Knife Weight 225 gr
Hrc 63
Boxed weight 310gr

Tsukasa Hinoura White steel No 1 165mm (6.6") Kurouchi Nakiri

SKU: 555888
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