The Master Oak chopping board is the largest we make although comission pieces can be ordered through email.

This monster of a board weighs in at 19kg and has Aprox size of 70cm L x 42cm W x 7cm Thickness.

On both ends set into the end grain there are English Burr walnut butterflies set in. Not only for asthetics but to stop the oak from splitting out any further.

We are in production of the Grand Master of which has an inset veggie///meat tray and inset juice collector. (£ 335 inc vat P&P)

Please remember this is a natural product and over time could warp slightly!

Please do not leave submerged in water. Rub in EvoSteel wax oil every month and leave for 24hrs before use. Evosteel oil wax is vegan freindly and 100% natural with antiseptic lemongrass essential oil in it smells good enough to eat!! Although please do not eat!!

The Master Oak chopping board

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