Shikisai MIYAKO 33 Layer Damascus (AUS8) Japanese Chef's Gyuto Knife 210mm

"MIYAKO" series, pursuing beautility of chef knife itself, represents the hallmark of Japanese kitchen blades.
33 layer Damascus stainless steel is gorgeously used to craft these beautiful Knives  and matte finish is applied after mirror polishing to achieve a subtle luster.
The "MIYAKO" blades are quite durable and its sharpness will last for a long time.
The unique and stylish "R" shape design is applied to the handle to more comfortably fit chef's hand.The blades are hand sharpened to ensure maximum sharpness out of the box.

 Blade Steel Type : 33 Layer Damascus Stainless Steel, High Carbon Molybdenum Vanadium AUS8 Steel Core
- Blade Edge : Double-Edged (50/50 balanced, available for left-handed-right-handed)

 Handle Material : Beautiful Compressed Laminated Wood with Stainless Bolster


Shikisai 210mm Gyuto

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