Simply just one of the best Japanese forge smiths in the world! This knife has to be one of the most beautiful out there! The blade is  240mm long Diamond mirrored damascus made with R2 (SG2) steel . Complete with laquered Maki-e art saya, painted using precious metals such as gold,Platinum,Silver and so on.. This knife is a special order! Normally this perticular knife comes in the length of 210mm  but we have the bit rarer 240mm. We had 6 made for us and now there are only 4. Complete with a beautifully hand lacquered and painted Maki-e art Saya and handle. The painted detailing is done on top of many layers of Urushi nuri lacquer, using precious metals such as gold, platinum and silver. The Artist Kouichiro Tsukasa has carefully drawn this masterpiece by hand for us. These beautiful masterpieces are only going to go up in value. This knife and saya just ooz quality. 
Please by all means contact for more Info before purchase.. 

Takeshi 240mm R2 Maki-e Gyuto

SKU: Tas24
  • No Returns available as ordered direct from Japan.. Knives thoroughly inspected before delivery with pictures available