Search through the list and add what Ferrule/ bolster you would like on your Kurosaki san Knife. After selecting move on to main handle wood and select.

Ferrule for Build your own kurosaki Fujin Bunka

  • All woods used are registered under CITIES and are either from storm damaged or dead trees.

    Non Oily wood are stabilsed in a resin solution under a vacuum then baked. Oily woods can't be stabilised as the oil in the timber stops the resin injection. These woods protect them selves from wet and rot.

    Please select what timber you would like under this section of bolster/Ferrule, Add to basket then move onto Main handle timber selection. Add this to basket then simply pay at checkout. There will be a 10 to 14 day inc delivery time wait.

    Thank you for selecting this Unique service along side an awesome knife.