Give your EvoSteel Chopping board/Serving board a little extra nourishment with our own blend Vegan freindly wax oil. Made from Fractionated Coconut oil, Canauba wax, Beeswax and a wee bit of Lemongrass essential oil.Directions of useRub in using a lint free cloth firstly across the grain and then along the grain. Finish off with a circular motion all over. Don't be shy with the wax as it really soaks in.!Leave for 1hr then Buff off using clean Lint free cloth.For even better results leave for 24hrs before buffing. We have added essential oil of Lemongrass. Not only for its beautiful citrus aroma but also it has great antiseptic qualities within the oil that help kill any existing bacteria within the surface of your board. 

EvoSteel Wax Oil 400ml

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