Mr Itou



 Mr. Itou’s world of unique and one-of-a-kind custom kitchen knives with rare and exotic handle materials. Enjoy his amazingly sharp knife as well as the unique appearance.

  Mr. Itou is now 80 years old and in the near future he will end his career as a custom knife maker.
Mr. Itou has been crafting special custom knives for  many years and we are very proud to introduce and sell his beautiful, unique and very practical knives to our customers. 

Hiroo Itou comes from Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture. He works special powdered steel ( R2/SG2)  that is made by Kobe Steel Co., Ltd. (Kobelco), which is one of the largest steel producers in Japan.

 He says that, due to the special hammer forging and knife making techniques that he uses with R-2, he has great confidence in the sharpness, durability and cutting performance of his knives.
In addition to using R-2 steel for the cutting edge of his knives (HRc. 62), Mr. Itou also creates the incredibly beautiful Damascus pattern.