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NNao YamamotoNao

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Born in 1979. After serving Masami Asai's (Echizen Marukatsu) apprenticeship, went thru further apprenticeship with Kamotou Hamono in Takefu. Several years ago, once again, worked with Mr. Asai and inherited his techniques and 'Echizen Marukatsu' inscription. Nao Yamamoto is most noteworthy blacksmith today. Manufactures from kitchen knives to short sword and his talent is seen in wide area. Selecting stainless like VG10 Damascus, or Shirogami and Aogami based on purpose of use. His knife shaped fish bone was awarded Ars prize in 2013 All Nippon Knife Show in Kobe.
Evo steel is also very proud to have Nao san make our very own Knife line called 'Kenshin' ( Mind of steel on sword ) and the first of the line is Kenshin Diamond back range. Made from our choice of steel Aogami Super blue. The knives will reach up to an Hrc of 65, have an intensely sharp edge, great edge retention yet be easy to sharpen. Yes it will Tarnish but the best of quality knives should be looked after so this steel will really let you appreciste the knife. 
We are also hoping to make a VG10 version. Unfortunately we still have to wait up to a year for first stock to arrive.. Pictures will be put on this page in due course for pre orders..